Let’s Play Slay the Spire: Corrupt Heart | Silent Ascension 15 – Episode 475

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Slay the Spire is a deckbuilding roguelike with turn-based combat where the goal is titular. Slay the Spire. Developed by Mega Crit Games and currently featuring the characters Ironclad, Silent, and the Defect (and their respective decks), the game is in currently in early access and can be bought from Steam at – http://store.steampowered.com/app/646570/Slay_the_Spire/

The Final Act is finally here, and with it the new final boss Corrupt Heart!

PLEASE NOTE: The video shown is from the early access stages of the game and as a result is not necessarily reflective of the final product.

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  1. I think i'd probably be best to stop doing the Scrap Ooze event
    I feel the first 2 loses were almost purelly on that

  2. I wish there was a customization screen, where we had a limited custom value, to where we could say swap out 2 regular strikes for poison strikes at the start. Or remove survivor for more custom points so we can replace 3 strikes etc.

  3. Must be a speedrun

    In all seriousness I really enjoy your episodes thank you for making them, watching you has made me better at creating decks and card ordering and I thank you for it 🙂

  4. Quick question: How do Discard decks do damage? Like, are they just <other deck archetype which can do damage> + Discard + Tactician and Reflex? Because there's no scaling element for a pure Discard deck to do damage, really. Well, I guess it's good enough for not-the-Heart, but even with +10 Dex, I was unable to beat the Heart… I lived for precisely as long as it took the heart to give itself +50 strength. That deck did MAKE it to the Heart, but that's only because Awakened One doesn't scale if you just pass your turn and I managed to Nightmare a Footworks, so I had an absurd amount of defense even if I had terrible offense.

  5. In high Ascension, taking Pain in that event really isn't worth it on the Silent (or the Defect for that matter) unless you can very quickly remove it. That much added damage in Act 1 (which is where she struggles against Elites) is way too hard to recover from.

  6. They need to remove Silent from game. It would be 33% more fun instantly. Or buff it with like double damage on all cards if target is poisoned. If I ever buy this game I will not play single round as Silent 100%

  7. why are you ever focusing the middle sentry by the way? you want to kill either the frontline or the backliner (whichever has less health), because 10 incoming damage every turn is easier to handle than 20 damage every other turn. is there something im missing here?

  8. I like the slower more calculated runs that you more than these fasts try to get something that works ones. Hope everything's okay with you and you're feeling well. Don't let comments get you down. You're still the best.

  9. I did not see the comments yet but I swear to god if anyone says "must be a speedrun" I will kill every single one of you

  10. Tongs just simply aren't worth the pain in high ascension. Kinda humorous, though, how much you mulled over getting parasite in your deck but volunteered for pain almost gleefully twice here.

  11. Thanks for the video!

    A few thoughts after watching. Sorry in advance for the novel. xD

    1) I think you are maybe a bit too trigger happy with the idea of sniping elites. The silent's starter deck lacks the damage output to handle elites on the first floor very well, and intentionally avoiding floor fights where you can pick up the common damage cards in order to get through one elite seems like it might be setting you up for failure at the next elite and/or the boss sometimes.

    2) You seem a lot more willing to write off the relic chest to take the key early than I am. In this case in particular, I think you may have missed that the artifacting removal by bag of marbles would have been nice for your deck against the sentinels which were 50/50 to show up there. But just generally I feel like even a small positive value early is probably worth more than the expected value of a relic in the third act. Getting out of the first act is so rough, and by getting to the middle of the third act you've likely already put together a pretty strong set up, so the chance of a relic you pick up then being the difference between a win and a loss if you could have taken it over a key is lower. You might even already have a heart beating setup. It's a bit of a personal preference thing too, but just thought I'd mention it.

    3) Another one that's just my opinion, but I think at this level of ascension, taking an early catalyst before poison is not a good idea. Without the poison it's just diluting your damage even further and the elites are already going to kill a starter deck silent. Likewise, I actually like poison stab and an upgrade for it in the early floors. 6 + 6 (3, 2, 1) is decent damage if you are in the fight long enough for the poison to run, and 8 + 10 (4, 3, 2, 1) is actually really nice damage against elites. And it gives you some value for the catalyst too. You'll probably get better poisons later as well, but until then it's good enough to just get you through the first act. And it will always be better than a base strike.

    Anyway, thanks again for the videos. Was fun to watch, and better luck next time!

  12. I'm starting to think pain is too much of a drawback in high ascension. Sure,warped tongues is nuts. But so is pain…

  13. I feel like you are overvaluing warped tongs. Sure, they are great, but the drawback is sooo punishing when you don't have a card removal soon after

    4 games in 25 minutes? mUSt Be A SpEedRun

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