Let's Play Slay the Spire: Fatebender – Episode 89

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Slay the Spire is a deckbuilding roguelike with turn-based combat where the goal is titular. Slay the Spire. Developed by Mega Crit Games and currently featuring the characters Ironclad, Silent, and the Defect (and their respective decks), the game can be bought from Steam at – http://store.steampowered.com/app/646570/Slay_the_Spire/

The game is finally out of early access and into full release, and to celebrate we’ll be starting a brand new save file!

● Slay the Spire playlist – http://bit.ly/RhapsodySlaySpire
● Slay the Spire (Early Access) playlist – http://bit.ly/RhapsodySlaySpireEA
● Slay the Spire Modded playlist – http://bit.ly/RhapsodySlaySpireMod
● How to Beat Slay the Spire playlist – http://bit.ly/HTBSlaySpire

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  1. Just an fyi the smoke bomb can be used on the shield and spear fight after one dies. you can't use it when both are there as you are surrounded

  2. I feel like Strange Spoon goes against the game's normal treatment of randomness. Like, there's random selection, but there's no random occurrences. I feel like Strange Spoon should either just trigger for every 2nd card or for each card once.

  3. "Almost 500 episodes that I've done." HAHAHAHA ahhhh…. good one. ALMOST 500. Never quite got there.

  4. Am I the only one that feels that the silent is significantly weaker than the other characters? Idk why, I just never see the silent with a good deck, it’s like it’s always just barely capable of reaching the minimum to live

  5. Rhapsody nice vid, are you gonna do an playthrough of darkest dungeons 2 when it comes out?? If so i think al lot of people would love it! Keep up the good work rhapsody!

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