Let’s Play Slay the Spire: Ironclad Ascension Level 14 – Episode 114

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  1. Hi Rhapsody, I just wanted to say that I found your channel recently and was shocked to notice that you have less than 10k followers! You're easily my favorite youtuber for Slay the Spire content, and your style of commentating is both informative and interesting! Please keep making these videos, I love watching even if you don't win <3

  2. You took so much extra damage unnecessarily in that first boss fight. Twice, you Defended once and attacked the boss in defensive mode with thorns up when he was about to do 10 damage, that attack cost you 7 hp (5 unblocked -> 1 with Torii, vs. 8 unblocked).

  3. If you had dual wielded the sword boomerang at the end you would have won. You had one leftover energy, highlighted by the fact you dual wielded the clash at the end. Good luck next time

  4. if you ever want to run a perfect strike deck then i wouldsuggest using dualwield with pummels so you can dig your deck while strengthening the perfected strikes

  5. Should have play the corruption when you have the chance so you can save the defend in hand for the big hit and kill in time. The deck work only because you get to choose when to play the skills for the best damage/ defend for each turn.

  6. I’ve played this game so much (50 hours) but I’ve literally never ran into the guy who likes fire and spawns minions, the snake looking guy that drains 10 each turn, and the three bandits.

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