Let’s Play Slay the Spire: Ironclad Ascension Level 14 – Episode 115

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  1. There's a bug with neow's blessimg (the choice in the beginning).. if you fail to reach the boss in the first floor you can still get its blessing by force shut down the game during the encounter with neow. (You have to start the game and continue, neow will give you the blessing now)

    P.s idk if it os patched already

  2. Oh the cringe when you passed up two Limit Breaks and two additional Reapers. Granted, you didn't need the Limit Breaks, but they would have scaled your strength up so much faster, and you would have been able to final strike with the Reaper much more often.

    That said, they were still unnecessary. However, the additional Reapers were not. How many times were you fumbling with your card draw, just waiting for the right moment? It synergizes so well with Magic Flower and Demon Form. I was brutally shocked to see you duplicate the Shrug It Off instead, as you never had too much trouble blocking, and duplicating a common card blows my mind.

    Otherwise, great run! Nice relic collection, but no Ice Cream.

  3. Also, it would be nice if playing certain big cards would change your character model, like Corruption and Demon Form on the Ironclad and Wraith Form on the Silent

  4. The only problem I have with Demon Form is that the upgrade doesn't make it cost one less because a 3 energy power hard to play unless you have extra consistent energy, like Runic Dome, Philo Stone, Sozu or Cursed Key, or energy manipulation with Bloodletting or Offering

  5. Your gameplay is leagues better than your competition.

    But, by god man, work on your sequencing. Why do you always draw last!?!?!? WHYYYYYYY!

    Other than that, thanks for taking the challenge. I feel like too many let's players are okay just going normal difficulty, it's so refreshing to see someone both step up to the challenge and meet it.

  6. This is similar to the silent strategy of noxious fumes and max defense + blur and letting the power do the heavy lifting. I think this highlights that at higher ascension levels, pure attack builds to rush the enemy down asap will not work, it has to be defensively focused. That is of course unless you have a tiny degenerate deck and can OTK.

  7. potions… and fire breathg was a card that burns itself ou tof the deck and was free damage against a card limiting boss

  8. I've gotten the Dual Wield + Flash of Steel deck before, literally got down to just those two cards in deck. Before I got to that point I kept the deck at 5-6 cards. a clash, a flex, and an offering, that was about it. It was pretty amazing

  9. by the way singing bowl makes dreamcatcher less shitty .
    you'll get a permanent +2 health for every rest

  10. I would say it irritate me more when I see you make bad play even though you win the run. I know I could not speak for all of your viewers. I think if you just say "I need a moment to think." something like that, I don't think it is a problem. I do not expect it to be a speed run, otherwise your title would say so. If it is the time issue that stresses you so much, may be some editing would do? I appreciate you rolling out the content as such a rapid rate, but I could sense the rush in your tone as well as your gameplay. Please consider the the balance of quality vs quantity. I apologize if all these sounded like back-sitting. Love your works, just relax.

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