Let's Play Slay the Spire Modded: Glutton | NEW ACT: The Jungle – Episode 133

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Slay the Spire is a deckbuilding roguelike with turn-based combat where the goal is titular. Slay the Spire. Developed by Mega Crit Games and currently featuring the characters Ironclad, Silent, and the Defect (and their respective decks), the game can be bought from Steam at – http://store.steampowered.com/app/646570/Slay_the_Spire/

The game is finally out of early access and into full release, and to celebrate we’ll be starting a brand new save file!

● Slay the Spire playlist – http://bit.ly/RhapsodySlaySpire
● Slay the Spire (Early Access) playlist – http://bit.ly/RhapsodySlaySpireEA
● Slay the Spire Modded playlist – http://bit.ly/RhapsodySlaySpireMod
● How to Beat Slay the Spire playlist – http://bit.ly/HTBSlaySpire

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► Rhapsody’s Modded List (Steam Workshop Collection) – https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1616413860
► Fetch Keyword – https://github.com/MurderousDuck/FetchMod/releases
► Always Whale – https://github.com/Modernkennnern/STS_AlwaysWhale/releases


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  1. Should've bought the rug at the last shop, then could've sold the cake to remove a shame, then sold a few more relics and probably have been able to afford removing the other shame and still get the quantum egg.

  2. Hey Rhapsody – I was thinking, you are effectively restarting your normal STS series, and so you would be getting some new viewers also watching your modded series, why not create seperate videos as a "Showcase" in order to explain the mechanics of new characters in those? I think it would be great for new viewers to jump into your series in a way that isnt overwhelming since mods can add a lot of depth to a surprisingly basic game in the unmodded series. Appreciate the uploads my dude been following you for a long time. Send nudes.

  3. I love the moment he realizes he has exhausted all his deck and says "oh no, i only have 3 cards left" XD

  4. I'm surprised Letter to Her doesn't have a named synergy with Letter Opener.

    Damn you passed on Nostalgia it would have been amazing with the letters.

    The jungle is pretty sweet.

    Nice music during the jungle boss fight.

    What an ending against the heart I had a feeling all those exhaust cards would bite you in the ass 😛 Sucks that Quantum Egg doesn't work with the eye

  5. I saw that ending coming as well, i was like thicken up the deck, all the exhaust cards made it very dangerous for transforming and exhausting, amazing run though. I just love the realization of oh…. truly a thin deck at the end lol.

  6. The heart lost 8 strength because of the elephant mask, but only 4 was returned due to the Counterbalance relic halving the strength gain of bosses. Funny enough, you got that relic from the Rhapsodic Hoarder fight, so you helped you beat the fight.

  7. Rhapsody considering how much you seem to love difficult yet amusing combos… Can I reccomend the mod Yuyuko? (screen shots are in japanese but its translated to english)

  8. It looks like the "gain strength" part of elephant mask was considered a debuff and removed by the heart's artifacts, maybe?

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