Let's Play Slay The Spire [Modded] – PC Gameplay Part 20 – Swordmaster

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Slay the spire is a turn-based roguelike RPG with a really fun card-based combat system. It also uses a relic system not unlike Risk of Rain, where you find various treasures throughout the dungeon that give you passive effects on top of your growing/improving deck of cards. It’s got a lot of room for interesting strategies, and it’s also a ton of fun!

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  1. @Wanderbots I don't think Velvet Choker is ever worth it. Your restricting yourself to 6 cards when you usually like to be a free spirit and have free cost cards.

  2. Can we talk about how he got his heart removed as black beard? It feels like I watching pirates of the Caribbean

  3. Wander where do you get characters from? Blackbeard isn't in the steam workshop unless I missed it

  4. Stops watching in the middle because not enough time. Comes back later only to get "Murder is great."
    I have questions now.

  5. Can you get a max hp relic(like mango or strawberry) after the bottled heart event? That sounds like it would be op….especially with something like singing bowl….

  6. I never got wax seal on this character in any of my runs, it would probably break this character because of his money base attacks

  7. Wander needs to watch his relics more. What's is better 1 energy 5 block or free orikalcum 6 block?

  8. wander logic : should i do 38 damage 1 time for 2 energy or should i do 29 damage 3 times for 1 energy… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… 38 damage stronger

  9. Not to be rude but your videos are really nice to fall asleep to and have been helping me not stress due to exams.

    Thanks 😊

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