Let's Play Slay The Spire [Modded] – PC Gameplay Part 21 – Glass Cannon

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Slay the spire is a turn-based roguelike RPG with a really fun card-based combat system. It also uses a relic system not unlike Risk of Rain, where you find various treasures throughout the dungeon that give you passive effects on top of your growing/improving deck of cards. It’s got a lot of room for interesting strategies, and it’s also a ton of fun!

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  1. Marisa is apparently an offensive unit, her defense capabilities are somewhat limited – though existing. Weak on foes will… Save you some hp loss across fights, while it's conterpart​ has the chance to make her a force to be reckoned with! 🙂 So Carl, even if De-buffs are less to yer' liking (or probably too Dull for ya'), they are brilliant with this Monster of a character amongst the many! Cheers!

  2. That Sprite for Marissa is pretty awesome. I love when the modders are thorough about creating modded classes

  3. Aah, Marisa is a fun character. I got a completely OP run that became infinite thanks to killing a nightmare. Wound up killing the Old Man ultimate boss three times, buffed the black card that keeps upgrades between runs up to… Something unreasonable, it deals over 2000 damage now. Eventually got to the point where I just got bored of the run and suicided.

  4. Anyone can be sick, but please give her another chance when you actually got your head with you.

    Marisas gimick is her relic, and it pained me that you doubled your 4 damage attacks rather then your 16 damage attack, so rather then basically executing the nob with a 32 damage attack you just poked it a bit harder.

    Also marisa is basically defensive builds the character, she have few cards that promote it, but her relic charge up doubles attack at 8 charges but quadrupple it at 16, then times 8 at 24, and so on with that she also have an attack that give you gold equal to the damage you deal making you basically roll around in money if you just build up charges and punch them to the next galaxy in one huge attack later.

    The largest problem with marisa is that it's easy to dilute your deck with "greed" cards so you can't get enough block

    you also had several cards that buff cards in your hand, the Alice card have low damage out the gate but since it's a retain you can just keep buffing it until it's a unholy death beam.

  5. Charge up dies not cap at 8 but 999 it is just at 8 because you are attacking when it hits 8 and above and for every 8 more does double the prev double

  6. How about a fan designed character. where they vote in what sort of mechanics it might have, and you create the cards with those effects. While designing the art. Sometimes the art will shape the direction of its effect, or sometimes it the other way around. Could even design the Wanderbot, for its theme.

  7. I'm sure someone's suggested this but if you make a Spire mod character, you should have it be the Wanderbot or something similar

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