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Let’s Play Slay The Spire – The Defect Beta Gameplay

Welcome to Slay The Spire from Mega Crit Games. We have a unique blend of rogue-like, deck building, turn-based RPG combat – and it’s one of the most fun games I’ve played in a quite a while! Think of Slay The Spire gameplay as something like Hearthstone meets Darkest Dungeon. Featuring the new 3rd character, The Defect.

Slay The Spire PC download ► http://store.steampowered.com/app/646570/Slay_the_Spire/

Slay The Spire steam description:
“In Slay The Spire game, we fused card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Slay the Spire”

As of today, there is a new Slay The Spire Beta branch, featuring the third character THE DEFECT! The conjure orbs, and utilize them to bolster their attacks and defenses. It feels like a fun class so far! Please enjoy this gameplay walkthrough for the new character, The Defect.


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Intro music provided by Alec Shea:


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  1. At 10:30 you had the option to pick up a power through on-sale. It adds Wounds to your hand while giving you defense… Then you can Exhaust THOSE for defense and draw. It would have been the synergy needed to make this run work. Exhaust decks are one of the better decks this guy has.

  2. 6:10 He already had Vulnerable on him, you could have finished him off with three strikes. 9:18 You should have looked at the map, seen that Elite on your way and chose Rest. 11:05 You shouldn't wake that Elite up until you are sure that you can deal decent damage, otherwise you'll just waste a turn. 12:45 Metallicise isn't that rare, you can have two in your deck and gain 6 block per turn for free. It's a legit strategy. 13:20 The guy you were trying to kill was going to do 6 damage, so if you actually killed him instead of blocking for 5 you could have saved more health. 27:30 Always Rest when you have less than 50% health. 28:50 STOP USING 1 WEAK CARDS WHILE NOTHING IS ATTACKING. And stop getting rid of your means of avoiding damage, only do that if you have alternate block cards.

    You lost this run because of the sheer amount of mistakes you made. Wasn't expecting it to be this bad, to be honest.

  3. Here’s a tip graem: if you have a dropkick, basically only use it if they are vulnerable, or if it’s your only attack and they aren’t attacking this turn. But if they are vulnerable, always use it, and use it first, because if they are vulnerable it costs 0 effectively

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