Let’s Play Slay The Spire – Part 183 – Close Call

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Slay the spire is a turn-based roguelike RPG with a really fun card-based combat system. It also uses a relic system not unlike Risk of Rain, where you find various treasures throughout the dungeon that give you passive effects on top of your growing/improving deck of cards. It’s got a lot of room for interesting strategies, and it’s also a ton of fun!

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  1. There needs to be a Core Overload or Meltdown card that does damage based on the number of Plasma orbs evoked or channeled in a fight.

  2. Wander, just a heads up? On the second run if you go back and look there was a way to get a three chain mystery machine, an extra bonfire and a shop all while avoiding fighting any mid-boss.

    Really enjoying seeing you play Defect. I had a lot of trouble with the character at first but now that I've seen you play with it a few times I have started to win and win big.

    I was also wondering…. is there any chance of you ever bringing back 7 Days to Die with the whole group? I know myself and quite a few other people REALLY enjoyed watching your group dynamic in that game. And there was still a decent amount of progression for you guys to go through I think.

    Anyway, just want you to know that you have a subscriber for life in me, your videos are just right mix of skill and good commentary with the occasional misplay for me to yell at the computer screen about (a favorite pass time of mine!). If you ever need another person for a group game I'd love to play with you.



  3. Meh, a few misplays occasionally is fine. But too many and the audience just stops watching it …it gets a bit vexing.

  4. Royal emperor of BS mountain! 😀 The Defect will be his eminens's advisor. Let's see how well he fares against the aggresors of common-strategy hill.

  5. Imagine what Creative AI does on the Ironclad. Does it pick Ironclad powers, Defect powers, or powers from the complete, Diverse pool? If the first, imagine generating Demon Forms and Metallicizes. If the second or third, what would extra orb slots even do?

    Also, Defect + Barricade + Glacier + Body Slam.

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