Let’s Play Slay The Spire – PC Gameplay Part 23 – Kind Of The Best Thing Ever

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  1. Half the time i am going like 'This is broken' and the other half is me screaming 'For gods sake stop playing cards randomly. You fucked yourself over by playing while your hand is full. It's especially annoying when you played the draw a card and double it skill When it is pointless and you have attacks that are all 0 that you Idk maybe cast to free space. God damnit. '

  2. We have witnessed the block-body slam build a few episode aaaaand now we have this atrocity. And i thought the block-bodySlam build was stupid hhahaha

  3. Ahhh, its killing me inside. Slow it down a bit and read and you'd be fine. I can understand wanting to chuck out cards, but it can get a bit frustrating to watch with all the misplays. Also, no need to constantly add cards to the deck, makes pulling your key cards like corruption much harder. (All this I imagine you know by now)

  4. Yeaaaaa… You did the time eater clock trigger other way around =v You wanted to trigger it by playing 2 more cards emaning you could've gone for 12 again in your next turn

  5. Please do not stop this series, I love watching the random builds that turn out amazing or terrible

  6. this game mode you talk about where you can build a deck would be nice if it gets implemented in an endless mode! Like, having the ability to choose up to 20 cards for example and 5 relics or something. Then after than rng I guess for keeping the game reasonable.

  7. If you want to make one card free, play the other ones, especially when you have the energy 😉
    So many times you were hoping to have barricade free and this is definitely a card that can be played last in a turn. So burn everything else in the right order.
    Otherwise, it is still very fun to watch.

  8. this run was just uterly absurd. The worst part is : Absurd is too weak of a word to represent the absurdity of this run.

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