Let’s Play Slay The Spire – PC Gameplay Part 40 – Omnomnom

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  1. I wish you wouldn't skip the unique dialogue, I want to know what the Vampires(?) say if you offer the Blood Vial!

  2. Started binge watching these series after TrumpHS promoted the game on his channel recently. 40 episodes in and this guy is still as dumb and clueless as he was in the first episode. How can anyone be this thick?

  3. The devs have said they don't care if you cheat, they just need to know so they don't use the data for balancing and other decisions.

  4. After binge watching this series up to this episode, i am finally up to date. Thank you for this! New to this channel and loving it so far 😀

  5. He got Shuriken…but didn't think Anger was a good idea. Who cares about card draw man, you had infinitely scaling Strength! You're thinking like a Blue player with a mono-Red deck in MTG. Spinning Top is nice but not a requirement. Besides, just because you get a card before a relic (or vice versa) doesn't mean you won't get the other later.

  6. Evolve plus Mark of Pain would be strong on draw

    Also is his game an older version because cause of the fact that Duel Wield in the current version only works with Attacks and Powers, and how did he get 4 energy base instead of 3 base??

  7. you should definitely try a suicide run: hemokinesis, offering, bloodletting, rupture, combust, brutality and reaper for healing back. It's surprisingly strong- the hp you lose is nothing compared to what these cards give you. Hemokinenis for example could execute an enemy that's about to hit you. Offering makes you lose 5 hp but who cares, I mean you get 2 energy and 3 cards with which you can get so much more (more block, heal, damage). Having bite cards with this build also helps but they aren't necessary for it to work.

  8. I imagined during that fight with the birds, the Ironclad was just lunging at the birds and biting their heads off while awkwardly shrugging his shoulders half of the time.

  9. the first time you've encounter the first boss, i think you can win by more three consecutive attacks to gain strength, instead of bashing, more than two terms in vulunerable is more than enough…

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