Let’s Play Slay the Spire: THICC DECK DADDY REDUX – Episode 131

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  1. I'm just gonna chime in, since I've never seen this series much before now: not using exhaust in a thick deck, makes no sense to me. If the challenger can say with some certainty that a no exhaust gigantic deck is realistic, and not just for memes, then sure.

    Saying you can't exhaust cards either seems like it's just a challenge meant to fail to me lol. If it works, fine, but I actually like having THICC decks, despite the meta, cuz discards/exhaust makes the flow of the actual choices in your deck better from turn to turn.

  2. Challenge run: I'm Lazy who needs upgrades I'll do it tomorrow?
    ascension mode 1
    whenever you reach a rest sight you must rest do not do any other option if any are available
    you must avoid upgrading cards at all costs unless it's literally unavoidable you cannot upgrade via cards like armaments or apotheosis either you may not take any of the egg relics that upgrade cards either.
    have fun!!!

  3. This would have been a fun video if you took it seriously instead of taking a path of malicious compliance.

  4. Challenge Run:

    "Perfect Strike" this challenge is for Iron Clad and requires that you prove the value of skill over strength by winning the game and at some point having a perfected strike in your deck that does more that 42 damage (ie an upgraded bludgeon)

    "The Gambler" This is for Silent, win the game with a deck having no fewer than 4 upgraded calculated gambles in it

  5. I ‘mostly’ agree with the updated rules you’ve set in place for this challenge, I just think you’re crazy if you think you can beat it without the Ironclad lol. Fiend fire, sever soul, second wind, true grit, etc are gonna be your saving grace. The only rule change I’d suggest is you ONLY have to buy at least one card from a shop. If you want relics or potions go ahead but make sure you get at least ONE card. We gotta try and keep the challenge possible folks lol

  6. Ok. Rhapsody. Real talk. I know you hate big decks, but not going to camp fires when you have 9 hp? C'mon man. I feel you can win with this. You re too good at this game. So let's make it easier. Same challenge except you can remove curses. Keep up the good work.

  7. You really like saying THICK DECK DADDY! 🙂

    Challenge "THICK DECK DADDY: SLAP IT ON A SLIM JIM EDITION": Same THICK DECK run where you can avoid curses and thin the deck under certain conditions.

    I'm going for the most convoluted challenge ever… yet with simple rules:

    1. Must take a card after each fight.
    2. You start with 2 allowed removals. On the next level (after boss), you get 3 removals and so on. Carry over allowed.
    3. Dialog options and other rewards are player discretion, but cannot remove a card unless you have removals remaining (forced removals don't count).
    4. Allowed to avoid curses or relics that give cards or curses.
    5. Buying cards at shops is optional. Player discretion.
    6. You can remove a curse at a shop if you also buy a replacement card at the same time.
    7. Once per level, may skip a card.
    8. Once per level, defeating an elite (or the level boss) allows you to skip choosing a card (from that elite/boss).
    9. Removing a curse may be done at the cost of 2 removals. Also, rule 7 and/or 8 may each be traded in for a removal for this rule only.
    10. Cannot take Blue Candle. If forced to take it, cannot play curse cards.

  8. So… not to start a rumor or brag… but on that chance wheel spinning game, I'm 3 for 3 on the thing I wanted each time, and I repeatedly clicked on the option I wanted before spinning the wheel each time, I'm not sure if I'm lucky or this is a small exploit.

  9. Considering the last week of videos I thought of this Slay the Spire challenge:

    Win a game.

    Ok ok, that was kinda mean of me. Win a game but remove all Strikes and Defends from the deck (has to be before the combat, exhaust doesn't count). Transform is fine. Also, no POWERS, just to stay away of the obvious win conditions of Barricade, Demon Form, Noxious Fumes, etc.

  10. Here's a challenge run:
    Power moves only:
    You can pick up power cards as your only cards, with the exception of legendary cards if there are no other powers available.
    You also have to go for relics whenever the option is given, as relics give you new powers.

  11. Curses are barely cards because you can't play them and no matter what you do they don't have an effect during your turn. Redux the Redux

  12. Challenge Run: Daddy Thic Speed Run
    Try your best to get 60 cards in the deck as soon as possible. Also if you want to challenge do it on Ascension 15. If you don't have 60 cards in your deck before you reach the final boss you lose the challenge.

  13. Challenge Run: Medic!

    (Sorry again if this has already been requested) You find yourself not too keen on taking damage upon entering the Spire, so much so that you've gone hellbent on doing anything to keep your health in tip top condition!

    1) You must priorities health items/cards/potions over anything else, if none are offered to you then you are free to take what you want (Non-regen potions are to be replaced with a Re-gen potion if no slots are available)
    2) If there's a health item in a shop you must buy it before anything else (if the cash is readily available)
    3) You cannot take Cards/Relics/*Question mark places* that hurt you in any shape or form, whether that's from loss of max life or otherwise.
    5) Curse cards that couldn't be avoided must be removed as soon as possible!
    6) In rest sites you must heal to within 80% of your max life

    Side note: These rules don't apply to battles, you don't have to be full ham on defensiveness as that will just kill you in the long run ^^; .

    Things up to your discretion:
    Choose whichever hero and ascension level you feel will be best suited for this challenge
    Feel free to change the rest sites max hp if it is too steep.

  14. Hey Rhapsody…maybe u wanna try Into the Breach? it´s a realy nice turn-based strategy game and quite hard…could be a game for you!

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