1. Yeah I can see where you are coming from, and plus kind of a dick move for him to wait for you too be out of protection to attack you :P.

  2. Indeed,there are different styles of playing this game but I chose to play the one for “Rank and Popularity”.The fact that I was attacked was bad luck and I wasn’t in a House/Faction. 🙂

  3. I know this is a old video Sergui, but next time when you do a let’s play likes this try and research a lot of military. The reason like in this video you got attacked, say if you had a lot of military researched, then you would be able to survive the attack and then attack the person back.

  4. HEY I HAVE A REQUEST please can you also do walkthrough of EMPIRE EARTH 3
    i am wating for you r reply

  5. You need to be a Page to be able to join a Faction,and to join one you need to be invited by the leader of that Faction. To be part of a House your faction needs to be part of a House,you can’t join a House if you don’t belong to a Faction.

  6. Open your mouth whilst talking, it sounds like you are talking through your teeth like a donkey.

  7. im in the process fo downloading stronghold kingdoms, and so far your lets play is turning up useful idea’s, plus is SHK international?

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