Let’s Play Stronghold Kingdoms Part #46 How to Get Lots of Honour

Let's Play Stronghold Kingdoms Part #46 How to Get Lots of Honour

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  1. It may be caused by lag/bug..happend once to me too…try to lower the rations and then relog,see if it changes.

  2. Scouts. After I figured out how things worked a little I went to a new world and concentrated on maxing scouts, then speed, then foraging. Nothing like wiping out a whole stack of resources in one run. Plus the game basically takes a lot of build-train time after a while, so the only thing to do remotely interesting is running your scouts around.

  3. Some of the comments themselves are horrible – he is a nice guy with a good village, so ignore the ones that say his village is rubbish – it’s brilliant, and it’s working for him, so get off his back and say thanks for another great video.

  4. Hey man I’m stuck my food is on 0
    And my Farmers are putting food in the storage but nothings happening?

  5. this video sucks learn to stop saying uh yea like the most annoying things to hear in a video make it a recorded video that you dont say uh like or yea. its not that hard

  6. you have to built all the honour buildings, and his weapon production is pretty small, if he has a parish he cant spend enough materials… overproduction is nothing bad, so you can make gold… and scouts can be replaced with gold and a good armey, your mates can scout for you. And if you want to collect materials for a bankett you can buy them simply with your gold 😉 this system works perfect for me

  7. Actually his villages are pretty decently built. I would switch it around a bit but it’s not wrong.

    Perhaps too many stone quarries and wood cutters also the lack of churches. (and the fact that he doesn’
    t use scouts i mean they are the most important thing in the game…)

  8. but if you upgrade your merchants research, you dont have to have a tax for your peasents, you can simply trade constantly and trust me, it makes you a lot of gold when you get good at trading

  9. Correction lukespr1, it’s not Theroy that gives you churches, it’s Theology, and you start of with a chapel

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