Let’s Play Stronghold Kingdoms Part #8 Making Donations to Parish

Let's Play Stronghold Kingdoms Part #8 Making Donations to Parish

Just another normal&boring day in Stronghold Kingdoms,no action today.Arran now belongs to House 9,the House I belong to.Well,I made some buildings,some dona…
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  1. fuck sake , where is that Donation mate ???????????????. i need help but i have to´╗┐ watch your shitty village

  2. Shity video.
    90% of this video is about you braging about your villages, other 9% is about some nonsense things and´╗┐ 1% is about how to make donations….

  3. Pai donezi resurse sa upgradezi Guildurile,asta e tot ce poti´╗┐ sa faci sa cresti parishul

  4. Salut…scz ca zic da se vede ca esti roman dupa accent…vroiam sa te intreb ceva de parish…cum o dezvolt mai bine si mai repede… ­čśÇ astept raspuns…bafta!

  5. i have the building call market < what do i need to build then and where can´╗┐ i unlock that one? just a question.

  6. noob alert now i´╗┐ have a problem. Why can i not donate to a parish? the building in my parish to send donate is gone? any idea what i need to do know?

  7. Your accent sounds like a cross between German, Mexican and Jamaican. But I’m guessing you’re from Bulgaria,´╗┐ Romania or one of those places. My friends from there talk the same way as you. ­čÖé

  8. im boss of that background in world 1
    house9, 5 and 17 kill h19, but the cowards´╗┐ are hidding in other houses

  9. dont get me wrong.Im nice to people actually but if they are my enemies´╗┐ or they dont do their jobs right and cheat their way out of stuff then things get serious.

  10. well everyone has their opinions and I got no rights to change´╗┐ yours.still dont you think the beardless face looks a bit strange?

  11. No offense but,my avatar looks cool,he’s awesome,is the greatest avatar you’ve ever seen :)),just kidding.my avatar is´╗┐ fine for me ­čÖé

  12. no offense but yeah.I prefer armor with my houses colour on it.there are even ones that doesnt change it.I think´╗┐ it makes you look cool tho.oh and I prefer more peace than war since I can prepare that way right?

  13. I have no idea why everyone uses the same ugly avatar.the helm looks badass but the bearded one isnt the best beard I have´╗┐ seen and the beardless one looks like he has done something wrong and is trying to get away with it.same goes for the faces.

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