Lets play Stronghold Kingdoms – tutorial to successful village

Lets play Stronghold Kingdoms - tutorial to successful village

This is my part one in the series. Comment, should those videos be longer,shorter, contain more information(Means that i film only the researches and buildin…
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  1. me too:D nice vid,i like this game becose you can just fun around with people and use you mind to get stronger:)

  2. hate to be that guy, but it is better to research Tools first. once that is maxed you want to max wood and stone production research. Buildings get expensive quick so you want to get your wood/stone industry thumping immediately if you want a strong castle

  3. You have to get to a higher rank (you have to be a Yeoman to make pike men and you have to Gentlemen to get swordmen and you have to be a knight to get catapults (you can get captains when your a alderman but they cost 1,000 gold each

  4. how the hell do u make weapons? I have weapon making at 3 but it will not unlock any structures to make weapons

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