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Warframe is a fast paced and super fun cooperative third person shooter, where you mow through countless enemies to farm for new guns, characters, and flying doodads that help you out. It’s a huge grindfest, but with the pricetag, gorgeous visuals, and extremely solid weapon design, it’s definitely worth a look.

They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more.

The Grineer, with their vast armies, are spreading throughout the solar system. A call echoes across the stars summoning the Tenno to an ancient place. They summon you.

Allow the Lotus to guide you. She has rescued you from your cryostasis chamber and given you a chance to survive. The Grineer will find you; you must be prepared. The Lotus will teach you the ways of the Warframes and the secrets to unlocking their powers.

Come Tenno, you must join the war.

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  1. It's funny how I now know exactly when you were recording this as I was listening to OCR at the same time yesterday.

  2. If you need Credits do some raids normal LoR brings 200k and nightmare brings 500-600K
    Edid: raids don't take long with an average team it's max 30 min

  3. You do still get the reward if you idle. that is why people do that. also you should try a rhino stomp build. if you get a nice duration on it it can make high levels way easier also with those skin/helmet combos once you buy it you could only use the helmet or skin if you want, you don't have to do both.

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