Live Dev: Let’s build a MOON!


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  1. Hi I'm from the future and your game is doing well into the year 2017 and its still global top seller in steam. Congrats.

  2. can this come out on xbox 360 i now thers coding in all. and cood you fix this bug win you spown in you glitch throw the grawnd and fall thorw it so i thank you for reading my measgis

  3. also what about rings and also is there a way to make a moon what is the top layer you can build up to if you build high a nuff and then cut it off will it be a moon ?

  4. Really hope this game gets mobs and a way to get an upgrade to shoot them just to have some small content in the game

  5. Do you guys feel sick after playing for a while? or is it just me guys? I thinks it is because the planets rotate so fast and the sky moves so fast that it disorients my brain. HAHA. 😀 Don't get me wrong, i love the game and currently playing it none stop, even tho i feel sick when i play for a long time. XD

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