Lord of the Flies – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

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  1. I'm a weird specimen hahaha, I was watching this and realised the music in the background was JS Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3.

  2. Boi you got it all wrong Ralph's homie piggy didz not fall he be crushed under da big rock that da mofacker dropped on piggie

  3. My teacher wouln't let us watch it in class. But be sure that once I put it on facebook everybody will be watching it. We are only going to have about 20 days to read this, with tests, and activities. Also we can't take the books home so she doesn't assign homework. We had to get the chapters done fast. This really helped with understanding it all.

  4. So the Lord of The Flies tells the truth to those who listen? Like Satan, it bears the truth and the wisdom to save lesser beings from themselves.

  5. excellent review and analysis, i just have one question.
    how comfortable is that armchair? cuz that shit looks hella comfy my dude.

  6. I remember how disturbed I was reading this book in high school when they sodomized/impaled the poor pig 🙁

  7. I'm quoting, here, so bear with me:

    "This reminds me of a discussion that I read once which said Lord of the Flies would have turned out a hell of a lot differently if it was a private school of young girls (who are expected to be responsible and selfless instead), or a public school where the children weren’t all from an inherently entitled, emotionally stunted social class (studies have shown that people in lower socioeconomic classes show more compassion for others).

    Or that the same premise with children raised in a different culture than the toxic and opressive British Empire and it’s emphasis on social hierarchy and personal wealth and status.

    And that what we perceive as the unchangable truth deep inside humanity because of things like Lord of the Flies and the Stanford Prison Experiment, is just the base truths about what happens when you remove any accountabilty controlling one social group with an overwhelming sense of entitlement and an inability to feel compassion."

    "I just wanna say that the Lord of the Flies was explicitly written about high-class private school boys to make this exact point. Golding wrote Lord of the Flies partially to refute an earlier novel about this same subject: The Coral Island by R.M. Ballantyne. Golding thought it was absolutely absurd that a bunch of privileged little shits would set up some sort of utopia, so his book shows them NOT doing that."

    So it might not necessarily be the evil in all of humanity, but the inability of the comfortable to deal with real-world problems.

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