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  1. Please, Its Works on Hackintosh with Intel Core i5-4570 & 16 GB Ballistic
    RAM, and Asus GTX 640 2GB ?

  2. I have a MacBook Pro late 2011 with Intel HD 3000 512 MB and play this game
    on OSX and Bootcamp (Windows for Mac). Idk the performance on OSX is much
    worse than on Bootcamp. If you want to play this game on your Mac, install
    Bootcamp and play it there. It is not recommended to play this game on OSX
    if you have graphics card less than 1GB.

  3. I have a performance issue. I’m running a 2500K + GTX 570 but the game is
    extremely slow, i did everything as said in the post of portingteam :S 

  4. Do you own the game on steam? If you do, launching steam shouldn’t be a
    problem unless you do not want to use steam. To do this, you can use a
    no-cd crack for it so you can play without having to launch through steam.
    I’m not sure if you can directly set the path of the .exe and launch it
    that way, as I’m not sure if it still launches steam.

  5. Hi there, the wrapper worked and I can now play Outlast on my Mac! The only
    one thing I have a problem with is that when I click the icon to play the
    game it only launches steam and doesn’t directly launch the game. I checked
    the other walkthrough and followed things step by step but it’s still doing
    it. Any advice?

  6. Most likely, if not definitely no. BF3 isn’t possible in Wine yet, so
    neither will BF4.

  7. Hey, when I try to install outlast via the wrapper, there’s an error
    popping up after a while, which says “runtime error at 29:44 – disk
    full”…which is kinda weird, since my hd has over 200gb free space. would
    you mind helping me, please? thank you!

  8. Download the wrapper, download the game from steam (or from another source
    if you so choose to) then install it into the wrapper. If you are doing the
    steam version, check out our “How to install Steam Games” video! Otherwise,
    if you don’t want to use Steam, just copy the game folder inside the
    wrapper and do anything else necessary.

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