Mafia 3: 12 Minutes of Developer-Narrated Gameplay – IGN First

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  1. Feeling of playing Mafia 1 was outstanding but Mafia 2 and Mafia 3 failed to continue to keep the depth of Mafia 1… feeling of playing car and atmosphere of Mafia 1 was more realistic than 2 and 3. Mafia has lost its characteristics or features which promised Mafia 1.

  2. Lincoln is an old Irish first name so maybe he is half Irish half Black as he don't know the other half and there were loads of Irish around then.

  3. just be happy they didnt take the turn saints row did be happy people that youre not the president fighting aliens

  4. I had to stop the video in the first minute, the game runs lower than 20 frames and seems unstable
    Mafia 2 was aweful, good story, but I felt locked into it and suddenly the game was over 🙁
    I expect a lot from Mafia 3 and please get it stable and make the game fun longer!

  5. Would be nice if they could add the feature that after you finish the game, you will have your own crime family with many soldatos other than the three under bosses you gain. You are given the freedom of controlling those Soldatos to do whatever you wish them to do.

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