Mafia 3 Gameplay: 5 Ways Mafia 3’s Open World Is Totally Unique

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  1. The main complaint I hear about this game is that the main character is black. C'mon guys, it's the 21st century. Get over it.

  2. Did everyone forget about saints row 2 and the godfather 2? Mafia 3 is literally those two games mixed and that's all.

  3. Nothing will compare the feeling wearing a trenshcoat with a hat and spraying down people with a tommygun in mafia 2

  4. This isn't Mafia, but it looks so fucking good, can't wait to see if Joe escaped from Chinese.

  5. Too bad they didn't create a new IP for this game, it looks great but with not much in common with the Mafia series, you are supposed to be a Mafioso not a dude that wants to destroy mafia :

    It would be like if in GTA VI you'll be a cop trying to stop cars theft wtf

  6. why does no game ever do bullet holes like red dead redemption it bugs me off considering how old the game is.

  7. I hope mafia 3 will have different radio stations like in gta 5. (please let there be radio talk shows)

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