Mafia 3 News: Empire Building! New Info from 30 Minute Gameplay Demo; Release Date Window

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Mafia 3 News: Empire Building! New Info from 30 Minute Gameplay Demo; Release Date Windowwas extracted from


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  1. iv only watch for 5 min I love mafia games godfather 1 is my favorite but mafia 3 might take the cake when it comes out

  2. Sorry ale to jak vyskočí z auta a to najede do enemáku a on v pohodě de dál jako kdyby nic to je jako v Matrixu nebo co kurva???

  3. All the way from April till December… jesus this looks already ready wanna play it so bad ffs

  4. the driving has some real weight to it i love it and that dodge charger is fucking amazing! nobody complains about the GARBAGE ass driving physics in gta V right? so shut the fuck up about this one and take it to the rockstar forums these guys are doing a better job of giving more weight to everything and giving more of a realistic quality feel to it. every body is so quick to jump the gun because its not the typical NYC mobster game. if they made that you guys would complain about how nothings different and its kind of stale or how its "mafia 2 with better graphics" which isnt a bad thing mafia is an amazing game and its probably the only open world game now a days to give us that old school mobster role but you guys complain about the most trivial shit

  5. I honestly think it'd be awesome and cool if it turned out that Vito was there simply because Lincoln was Joe's son. Like if he was like Leo from mafia 2.

  6. Do You Know If it will have online i have a Crime Family on GTA 5 Online and we think Mafia 3 will be great for Mafia Community on xbox one.

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