Mafia 3 Special: Anticipated Gameplay Features! Side Missions, Free Roam; Customization!

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Mafia 3 Special: Anticipated Gameplay Features! Side Missions, Free Roam; Customization!was extracted from


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  1. Not co-op single player side missions and it would be amazing if this had online and free roam boom better than Gia 5 and 6

  2. Get to the fucking point stop droning on and show gameplay not several different games and your stupid opinions

  3. I want it to have everything it all the best gunplay games in one game still only some I can play with friends

  4. I want so many missions and you can buy your own houses you don't let the game chose for you when you move out or when you buy new house and a motorcycles… and if you can actually go hang with mobsters or call them to accompany you not just reinforce and if you can start your own businesses and restaurants and spread your men around when you have lots of power and if you can play with Cassandra, Burke and Vito in the main menu just like in mafia 2 and again not to be like Mafia 2 only 15 sequence I want it and hope it be like 100 sequence at least

  5. Godfather II was a great game. JUst bought a hard copy because Origin don't sell them any more, not even…

  6. I want there to be a loyalty stat for npc's where the lower it is, the more likely the npc will flee from helping you or give information to the police when threatened by them. This would give more reason to set hits on them should that be a feature.

  7. What I basically want is an open world crime game with RPG elements. If modern game makers would just follow San Andreas with their house buying, muscle, skills, gangs, and customization, I guarantee it would be awesome.

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