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  1. Mafia 2 had so much potential. I'm willing to bet it would still blow the socks off GTA5 if 2k Czech had gone all out with it! On line, longer story line, all the possible enterable buildings, car mods, train rides etc. I mean the game as it is is fucking amazing like the graphics and all the little details they put in like running out of gas and lock picking, cars wipers working when it rains and hub caps flying off on sharp corners. GTA5 has none of that! even the cars are recognisable to the real things. The Shubert Beverly in Mafia 2 actually looks like a 56 Chevy. Compare it to GTA5's Declasse Tornado…. there's no contest. It's not the cars that bothers me it's just what Mafia 2 could have been and should have been that gets me:(

  2. You can go on mafia scene on go on existenz34's page and find JA Free Ride and you can see different versions

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