Mafia III – Worldwide Reveal Trailer | PS4

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  1. I ma gona tell uu somthing::::: THIS GAME IT'S GONA BE FUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! yeeeeehaaa boy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. SMH, this is a MAFIA game and you don't even play as the MAFIA?? In fact, you fight AGAINST them? WTF IS THIS?? I wanted the next Mafia game to be about PLAYING AS THE MAFIA

  3. I'm loving all the throwback in time era games battlefield 1 cod 4 remastered and this game I haven't played any of the mafias but this one looks worth getting. Fall 2016 is gonna be a good time for video games

  4. For some reason, the game, the 60s settings, vietnam vet and criminals reminds me of the movie Dead Presidents lol.

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  6. PS2:Mafia 1,PS3:Mafia 2,Ps4:Mafia 3. I played all of them but not part 3 yet I'm gonna get it at GameStop or Walmart

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