Making WoW Gold With Honor

Making WoW Gold With Honor

Explaining what I do to make gold in World of Warcraft in hopes that it will help others too. ▻ to watch my live streams! …
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  1. Hey really nice, but dump the intro.. annoying to wait 16 seconds before every video.. it’s like an additional commercial every time I watch your awesome videos :c

  2. the problem of that item is that if there are alot of people doing that, the AH will be filled with them, making the price crash and making it quite hard to sell them for a good profit. Anyways it’s always a good method if there aren’t that much selling it 🙂

  3. Omg i only do bgs and I never have over like 100g bcuz if that this tip will help me out soooo mutch thank you!

  4. Thanks! Pinhead from Hell Raiser is one of my favorites! Normally in the movie some poor soul would solve the puzzle on Lemarchand’s box and open up the gates of Hell. Then demon Pinhead would appear and kill them. So I thought, “How cool would it be if someone as badass as Pinhead used Lemarchand’s box to summon a demon that’s even MORE badass?!… ME!” ^_^

  5. I’ve read every comment I’ve ever received… ever, lol. All 2,658 of them if I did my math correctly. 🙂

  6. Yeah, I knew about this one, or something similar, but neither of my Warlocks are Enchanters. I thought about switching professions, but I feel like I’ve already invested too much into Alchemy (my first profession ever that I started in vanilla) and then my other Lock is loving Engineering. If anything, I would drop one of my gathering professions, but I just haven’t had the heart to do it yet. Thanks for the tip though! For any enchanters out there, this would be the better route.

  7. I’ll be sure to check that out. If the price per dust is over ~17g then it would be more profitable. I’ll check out the AH prices on the servers I play on. Although I’d rather avoid the AH game, it would make more gold. Thanks!

  8. You can make a lot more with honour as an enchanter simply by buying the blue lvl 54 wrists from outside of the honour vendor house in SW. These cost around 54 honour and the enchanting material recieved typically sells for 40-80g depending on the popularity of the item at auction. The item is needed to make lvl 60 enchants favoured by twinks and heirloom item users and if you have the option to. Means you can make around 6k gold per 4k honour.

  9. Just verified my correctness this morning, just to be sure. I bought a dagger and then immediately tried to sell it back. The message states, “Are you sure you wish to get a refund of the 105 Honor Points for the following item?” If you click Yes you get your Honor back, and if you click No the item returns to your bags. The item is Soul Bound the moment you buy it, but you can still only sell it for gold until the 2 hour timer is over.

  10. =/ no.
    the dagger is an offhand and as warlock for exsample u cannot put that on. so u have to wait

  11. You dont need to wait 2 hours, Just sell it. Vendor will ask about making item soulbound, just press “yes”

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