Mandachord Tutorial for Octavia | Warframe


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  1. After you make a song can it be played anywhere in the game or only at the customize screen? If so how do you pull it up outside the Octavia customize menu?

  2. Forgive me please but ur certainly not musically inclined. I got Octavia on build n I can't wait to pump out some heavies. U want a looped drum n pitch rhythm to carry the notes in ur music like a dance loop or a hiphop loop n then add notes n tones on top. That's how music is created. Bass snare bass snare or bass snare bass bass snare with constant rhythmic tweets, im itching to go already.

  3. top 5 and top 10 vids are always nice and Thank you for the mr test vids i would still be mr 8 if it was not for you. Btw you might want to do an alt mr test vid using titania for nything that has foors vanishing or falling away or a lot of jumping. Hands down my mr test frame now if I have to jump or that floor goes bye bye. I would also love a sayrn prime vid

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