Maphack Detector (NOT WORKING ANYMORE, i think)

Maphack Detector (NOT WORKING ANYMORE, i think)

Free garena maphack detector is ready to be downloaded

To Download Maphack Detector (NOT WORKING ANYMORE, i think)Click the download button

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  1. don’t use this program. it still works, but u have to find a way how to use it on your own. i haven’t used this program since 2011.

  2. its been 2 years since i uploaded this. i think garena just updated their system. 1 year ago i used to have 22 likes vs 4-5 dislikes=)) this thing is broken

  3. HElp….why when me loading gameing le…ardy 5 4 3 2 1 le….when loading to 50%~
    sure jum out or sometime self jum out…say me now is useing MH…pls Reinstall Garena…PLs Help

  4. u just put it in foulder the dreamdota files. thenu turn on the battle net. if it worked it works.

  5. i have some tip.. if u do this and it works..good to you.. but if not and crash your warcraft 3 use ur TFT version.. and switch your version you use. and your wrcft 3 will be ok.. 😀

  6. dude. ur link is not working…when i put the file in my warcraft 3 folder.. and when i start my garena. there are some my garena warcraft 3 are not version is 1.26a. do you have some idea how to fix to work to work your mh detector in garena plus 1.26a version.. i just wanna detect the maphacker. a lot of them using MH. reply me if u have any suggestion. how to work ur mh detector to 1.26a version in garena plus

  7. no. this is the only free version. and if i’m not wrong it works exactly like this in 1.26. if not, it is not working in 1.26.

  8. u all can download Dota Maphack at here,,if cant u can msg me,,
    Juz remove space…
    h t t p :// /9n3oJ

  9. unfortunately, no. if you want to report him. you have to use normal version and try to post by using replay manager. try to search on forum. google it. if you just want to flame him. use this.

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