Maplestory FaithTrainer v135.1 [HACK] New May 2013 [UPDATED] Download Dropbox

Maplestory FaithTrainer v135.1 [HACK] New May 2013 [UPDATED] Download Dropbox

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  1. Okay so im not confused anymore but there is a bug with your download.Yes,it does take me to the Maplestory launcher but the program does not open.Please reply and tell me if i am doing something wrong or if im right please update link and reply saying that you have….

  2. Thanks 🙂 Can u give me a tutorial? Or what i need to have for make it work?

  3. Yeah okay, I’m just going to go download this exe from a guy who couldn’t even be bothered to try and fake a hack video.

  4. so i double click the faith thing pops up and maple loads i log in and then nothing happens no menu no nothing

  5. Maybe you need to patch maplestory
    Or Try it a little later or re-download the hack
    Already sub?

  6. Hey I’m trying it now, let’s see how it goes. Sucks MapleNinja is pay now, it’s a pain trying to find a real working hack.

  7. Okay i say this alot just watch my whole vid
    Some people think: ow i dont gonna watch the vid and than just downloa
    But than you will miss the instructions
    Its very easy just double click the file and it starts the hack + maplestory

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