Maplestory Hacks 2013: Jays Free Trainer – Updated June 12th 2013 / UNDETECTED & WORKING!

Maplestory Hacks 2013: Jays Free Trainer - Updated June 12th 2013 / UNDETECTED & WORKING!

Download Here: – Winrar or zip program is required to extract files. – NET Framework 2.0 may be required to run the train…
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  1. Hi I downloaded the trainer but now Im having problems with activating the trainer, whenever I enter my liscence key it doesnt work. I enter in the dashes also for the key right?

  2. lol I wish that someone could just make a demi hack like the old days, that was the best botting hack ever, was so simple.

  3. I have not use mshacks in awhile the only that turns me off from all that full map attacks and stuff is if we want to use the item vac we need a BUY a pet. Do I need to still buy a pet in order to loot stuff? I know there is a full map item vac for non pet users but its easily bannable? no idea.

  4. matt golebix stop fking whining and be glad that free maplestory hacks are being given out.

  5. Sorry, unfortunately multi client hacking is only available with the VIP/Premium trainer.

  6. No problemo! And yes luckily for you I plan on updating for every version to come until I quit, which is not anytime soon! 🙂

  7. Nope you shouldn’t get banned by the fast vac itself. Unless your botting in a populated map then you should be fine.

  8. You’re ignorant. This is my free trainer, if you were to try out my premium version you would not be saying that lmao.

  9. lol w8babys hacks are way better than your crap free trainer. I just tested it out, and the only good thing about it is your kami. other then that w8babys dominates yours period.

  10. the fast vac is insanely fast lol, are you sure this isnt going to get me banned if its on 24/7?

  11. booo only single client hacks… will there be multiple clients for the free trainer in the future or anytime soon. atleast 3 would be good.

  12. Thanks for this man, ive been using this for the past couple days and I must say its fking sick for a free trainer, I hope this is updated for every version.

  13. good to see you back on maplestory jay! btw its ‘OMGWTFISTHIS’, im pretty sure you remember that user name 😉

  14. Hey I’m having a few problems setting up the maprush on one of my computers, for some reason it wont work but on my other computer its fine. Please reply to the inbox I sent you ty.

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