Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain language + Save location + Fix [windows10]

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  1. is supposed to be a english tutorial -_- why u put the game in francais how i know u really fix the failed save data error

  2. is there any way to build an FOB base with the cracked version of the game? because it says that i need to be online to build it… so how do i get online? or how do i build one offline? is there a way to build one?

  3. Do you have any save that just completed Chapter 1 or around 50% completion?
    I just wanted to play the Prologue again and then it keeps crashing the game, I've been playing this for 2 or 3 weeks……

  4. can you help I replayed prologue after completing the game and now it crashes after van and I can't quit prologue now as it starts checkpoint as a cutscene and if I skip it crashes again I can't get my save back

  5. Hello.guys my game crashes at mission im unable to find save game filea.Please if some one has save file of mission 40 please share it

  6. plz!!!!! help!!!! i do as you instructed but when i launch it, nothing happened except that glowstorm pop up menu..

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