Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – PS3 Gameplay First Look Preview (HD)

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  1. @Алексей Карпович apart from the original metal gear solid, and the Twin snakes remake

  2. Anyone else have some trouble with the framerate? I mean, i don't always have low frames but time to time i get problems with that. In cutscenes overall

  3. Last gen's last stand. Still looks amazing, even better than Ground Zeroes. This is probably my last Ps3 game ever.

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  5. The PS3 version is really shit compared to the ps4 version! I have played the first chapter on PS4 with my friend two weeks ago. I have PS3 and I really wanted to play this game in my house on my PS3. After I watched this video, now i think that i should wait until I buy PS4 even when I am big fan of this series 🙁 !

  6. PS3 is not dead yet, but it should have been dead from last year.
    PS3 is so old now, that it truly is garbage.
    PC Master Race.

  7. fuck off all you new gen cunts!! eat shit and die last gen ps3 version is great end of!

  8. Am I the only one that doesn't care about graphic? I mean it's MGS guys! History and gameplay it's all I care

  9. metal gear 5 on the ps3 is pretty good my only complant is the dam things you gotta click to just load the game …6 user agreements …update notes 3 then for some more ok's to click …gezzz ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz loading the game

  10. tak mampu ku kembali .. biarkan saja berakhir d sini … biar patah hatiku ..biarkanlah ..aku pergi demi hidupmu . . . biar hhancur harapku .. lepaskanlah .. #Drama_band

  11. i have both the ps3 copy, and an unopened, bnew limited edish red ps4 bundle, and having played over 50 hrs on the ps3, i gotta say there is nothing wrong playing this game on ps3, the framerate is stable and smooth, both has the exact same content, have not experience any freeze or problem whatsoever, so upgrading just to play this game is actually not a great idea, granted, i havent opened my ps4 yet, just got it coz the red version may no longer be available by the time i feel like playing something on a ps4, so i really feel ps3 is the way to go 😀 plus now you have mgs 1-5 playable on one machine!

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