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  1. The thief!! i had a regular that would tip me well (and no, didn't care if he tipped other girls. i support my fellow cambabies!) but he told me this girl was watching my room, saw his generous tip, and sent him a message saying he tipped that for nothing and she actually deserved it because she'll do more. wtf?

  2. I know this video is super old, but I just started on MFC about a week ago and I can't find a good balance. Like, what do I even talk about to the people in my public chat room? I don't want to bore them but I also don't feel comfortable taking EVERYTHING off and doing stuff with toys this early in the game. How do I keep them interested until I get comfortable with the idea of taking it all off and so forth?

  3. I love this! lol But you totally forgot the weirdos. That one is me. I'm such a dork but I know my regulars love me more for it 🙂 I just love having fun and being myself. That's the best part about camming. You can be exactly who you are and there are so many people online you will always find the ones who accept you :)

  4. I fucking love you like SOOOOOOO fucking much! I would never try to steal your members, but I am curious to see one of your shows honestly. You're beautiful and I LOVE your tattoos! And your funny as hell. I'd say you're looks are kinda like a bonus because you have spunk! <3

  5. when you said the cute foreign girls that don't speak english, i immediately thought Fressia, ugh shes so damn adorable

  6. You the real MVP
    If I was a bigger loser than what I am now I would sign up and give you tokens.

  7. OMG The possessive girlfriend cracked me up. I had one girl send her minions to follow me around if I left her room and report back how much I was tipping the other models. Then she would ban me for a few days. LOL

  8. haha i love you! i love that you are so true to who you are. ( the burping ) i am like that and my bf laughs about it all the time :P

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