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  1. Stop your bitching, for crying out loud. You make money by taking off your clothes! If I took off my clothes on camera on the Internet, someone would find me and kill me – and rightly so! Beautiful women I have no reason to complain about anything. So please. Just. Shut. Up .

  2. I love your videos! Keep up the good work!!! You have an awesome attitude and are an inspiration ?

  3. Heres an example of someone who thinks way to much of themselves. Did no one tell her that she is three rungs down the totem pole from hookers?

  4. Yup, I'm "Mr. Good Guy" lol. I don't ever jump in, but when I do and she naturally has an amazing attitude, I"ll unload and expect notta. It's just fun in my opinion. Money goes round.

  5. hey im just cute lil suburb valley girl, and i have tattoos cause there fun!

    dude ur a cam u think anyone really takes u seriously!

  6. You don't like people not talking to you before they hit private?
    So not only do they have to pay, they have to talk to you to gain your acceptance first?
    Get over yourself.

  7. Holy shit this stripper is complaining about the morons who are dumb enough to pay her to strip when there's a ton of free porn or they could pay a whore to actually fuck them or best of all work on themselves and get a real woman who isn't a fucking whore. What a world.

  8. omg you fucking rock dude im new to the chat cam world and you described ppl to a t , were can I find you I have to check the show out?

  9. Stay real JESS, don't let the "sheep" and media/society lover's/loser's get to you. They hate strong woman like you and strong men like me…..WHY cause we always have what they want but there always to vage and into what other's say to comprehend the truth from fantasy…"BEING YOURSELF" always win's out in the END for the strong willed person.

  10. Sometimes lounge. Is awesome. Lets you know about the ones that'll go offline or ban you 5 seconds after you tip. We need more lounges, not less – sports lounge, politics lounge, model-stalker lounge. Maybe if there were a tech lounge, we'd accidentally invent flying cars.

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