1. Here it is:

    sendspace[.com]/file/h4ul3r - Note: Remove brackets around [ .com ]

    Works with all versions of office, and both 32 bit AND 64 bit!

    Pass to extract: office

  2. Nenu nee kante young and enduku download cheylekapothunavu? mee computer download problem avvachu ledha meeku aa link broken kinda kuda kanapadachu

  3. No! in India Laptops/Windows 8 hybrids/Tablets or any sort of Electric Gadget are not allowed you can get allowance in very few schools and colleges and those are very rare so if we Bring any Electric Gadget they will be taken and break it by the school authorities or may not be returned still colleges allow mobile phones

  4. Abhisekh naku koncham help cheyandi I live in USA unable to download although I can access the keys please .

  5. Hey buddy! Your download link doesn’t work anymore. I’m in Canda. Coulu you plz up the office 2013 to another link ??? Thank u!

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  7. When others get it worked and comment as “Worked Thanks” why don’t you guys would not get I don’t know but I think its all because there are many people who come across from different regions so it may work in some regions while others may not work

  8. I had the mic Inbuilt mic but I wont use because of the surrounding noise and my Indian accent may not be understood by any other people who has a different accent so it may be one of a factor to become a flop video but still why to worry I type fast right! Thanks for watching!!! and my name is Abhishekh not ishk

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