Minecraft 1.5.2 Hacked Client Nodus + Download

Minecraft 1.5.2 Hacked Client Nodus + Download

New tutorial out: http://youtu.be/ym-o4dC2DUw You can still feel free to download it without watching the new tutorial here: Nodus Download: http://xronize.c…
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  1. Guys here is how when u download nodus delete minecraft.jar and replace it with nodus

  2. Nodus Is Now Discontinued. Scetch, The Owner Found It Grew Into Something He Didn’t Like. Nodus Will Not Be Continued for 1.6 (Coming out soon!). Remember To Check Out Weepcraft!

  3. Minecraft only working Nodus on youtube, for MC 1.5.1
    Get it here /watch?v=ckr9WnibBDA enjoy

  4. operator is 100% server sided.
    You cannot get op through anyhacks.

    Forceop.exe and such are also fake.

  5. I just downloaded Nodus and I cannot get the “Welcome to Nodus!” screen to close. I did hit close but it wont. Help me please

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