Minecraft Diamond Generator 1.2.5

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FileSize: 14 MB

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Minecraft Diamond Generator 1.2.5was extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15714


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  1. looool are you people blind?? he had 7 blocks of diamonds , pulled the
    switch, and had 7 again. nothing changed… the last leaver he pulled
    pushed 7 diamond blocks and 1 dirt block at the end, so it kinda looks like
    he pushed out 1 extra diamond block, but he didn’t.

  2. I am an atheist for 1. and 2, that comment was totally not begging to start
    an argument or anything -.-

  3. Here’s your answer: It’s all about word choice, the fact that he chose to
    mention the excessive amounts of diamonds shows that’s a flaw he has found
    in it and due to the length of the comment it seems to be the foundation,
    in conclusion, he was pointing out that there is a very hard to obtain
    amount of diamonds, to get a comparably small amount, though I feel my
    answer is probably not enough for you I’ll mail him and get him to comment
    on this thread with his answer.

  4. what r u trying to say? “given that he did find a flaw,” as in since he
    found a flaw, the over comment was negative. where in the comment that he
    made say that he found a flaw? because i don’t see any mentioning of flaws,
    so no, it’s no really “given”. and If you want me to leave it, why not just
    leave it yourself? because you can’t prove anything.

  5. lol, “the overall comment was negative”, what part is negative again?
    because I don’t see one negative part to the sentence. Wrong again, nice

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