Mission Is Possible (Crack WPS-PIN and WPA/WPA2-PSK)

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  1. @VII7Zack Absolutely can… lol, i think 4-10hours quite fast rather than
    using old method (get handshake + cracking using wordlist).. nope, u cant..
    because Reaver only can crack WPS (6digit pin key) then automatically get
    other key which is the router password..

  2. As I believed it is not doing anything when I click it. Take the WiFi
    Password hack from SKIDROW instead. They are a very popular hacking group.
    You can get it here for free: mediafire.com/?ocf62kzkj273qt8

  3. A few extra tips for you beginners: 1. First of all DO NOT be stupid and
    pentest anything without permission. 2. If you are using a wireless USB
    device, you can hack the firmware to gain a higher dBm signal strength, For
    instance, I use the Alfa Awus036H, which comes with 20 dbm standard signal
    (my laptop card is set to 27 but incapable of injection). In order to
    change this to 27 first bring down your interface. If you don’t know what
    it is type iwconfig in a terminal. Wlan0, Wlan1,

  4. Also if you get a lot of timeout erorrs use these switches in Reaver : -S
    -L -N along with the ones this kid showed in the video. If you want to try
    and speed the attack up a bit add switches –dh-small and -d3 . A lot of
    routers don’t like this though and will respond with continuously EAOPL and
    timeout errors but it’s worth a shot!

  5. something like that will be your interface. We’ll assume it’s wlan0. In the
    terminal type ifconfig wlan0 down. Now type iw reg set US, next type iw
    wlan0 (or whatever interface you took down) txpo. wer 27. Now type ifconfig
    wlan0 up. Your dbm is now set to the highest legal strength in the US.
    Different countries have different laws. For example, it is legal to set it
    to 30 for Bolivia. Tip #3 : CHANGE MAC ADDRESS! very important if

  6. Quick question. I have bactrack 5. Can i just download Reaver and then run
    it or would i need to to get Ubuntu? Also 4-10 hrs….dam that’s a long
    time. Lets say i try cracking a WPA and WPS is not enabled but i did not
    know it, will Reaver still try to crack the pass (altho it will not be able

  7. Quick question for you. The internet in my house is secured with wpa/wpa 2
    psk. So when I put my password in for the internet it still wont connect me
    BC of this. Do you know how to work around this?

  8. So in terminal bring down interface again by typing ifconfig wlan0 down.
    Now type macchanger -r wlan0. The “-r” switch sets a new random mac
    address. You can use ” -a ” for a similar mac address for that device
    hardware or “-m” followed by your own made up mac address such as
    11:22:33:44:55. Once you change it bring interface back up by typing
    ifconfig wlan0 up. That’s it, just a few important and helpful tips!

  9. I have been looking around for working WiFi hacks but these ones are not
    real :/ Take the WiFi Password hack from SKIDROW instead. They are a very
    popular hacking group. You can get it here for free:

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