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  1. did anyone notice that when he had 100 gold (1:39 mark)he was over 300 power with a level 3 commander then when he had 999,999(5:13 mark) he was at 291 power and a level 2 commander

  2. Esta versão do programa não está fazendo o trabalho agora. Se você precisar de uma versão de trabalho desta ferramenta de hacker apenas fazer uma busca "ronitolguides" no google.

  3. Esta versión es tan viejo. La última versión de la trampa es que aquí sólo la búsqueda "ronitolguides" en Google.

  4. This version is so outdated.If you want a true cheat for this game just search " ronitolguides " in google.

  5. Seriously, this vid is full of bullshits. This is the latest version of the cheat all you have to do is to search " ronitolguides " in google.

  6. funny how one with 100 gold and one with 999,999 gold are completely different accounts one is 326 power or is 200 something one has commander lvl 2 other is,lvl 3

  7. This version is so old. Last release of the cheat is here now just search " ronitolguides " in google.

  8. This version is so out-of-date.If you want a seriously legit cheat just search " ronitolguides " in google.

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