1. I dont understand how to get my xbox gamer profile on the usb stick?
    let me see if I have this correct please correct me if wrong.
    1 get gamer profile on USB stick or external drive
    2 take that external drive to my PC where I have modio D/L’ed
    3 plug in usb stick
    4 search games or mods i want
    5 download mod
    6 add that mod to my usb stick gamer profile???
    7 then take that stick back to my xobox and plug in?
    8 how do I play my game off that stick???

  2. hi can i ask for your help please, my son is desperately wanting these mods, i have studied it closely and got right up to the point of putting the usb stick into the xbox but now i have no idea, although i will google it can you please advise me on this, i find your tutorials and advise very easy to work with, ps, s c r e w the haters 🙂 x thanks so much x

  3. hey i did everything exactly the way this video did. and it still wouldnt work. it says i have no game save when i play the game. why?

  4. Modio is not giving me the option to download the save into a specific folder.. After clicking download a new tab is opened with no leads. Any help?

  5. Well im guessing this doesn’t work anymore because i did everything you did step by step and i put the flash drive into my xbox and i load up the game and i have no idea what storage device to pick so i just pick usb one and i had all the same stuff.

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  8. 1st. yes it is with a flash drive 2nd. you have to put the game save it the usb flash drive then mod it and save it to the flash drive then load it the game save back on the Xbox and last play the game, load the modded file and play simple.

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