Modio 5 Promo Video

Modio 5 Promo Video

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  1. Easily, you went wrong by saying, “No. They never mean Chrome., No. They never mean Chrome, especially as Modio is good not bad.”. Where as you should have said, “No, they never mean Chrome., No, they never mean Chrome, especially as Modio is good not bad.”. Why shouldn’t it matter on YouTube? If you try and build a well channel that you may want to use to become a partner or something, then you’d want to have well typed grammar in any comment you make.

  2. If i seem to lack proper grammar please explain where i went wrong.
    While you’re doing that explain why grammar is necessary on Youtube as long as a comment is able to be read and interpreted correctly.

  3. I didn’t know I needed a comeback. I’m sorry if your English is so bad that you can’t seem to grasp basic grammar.

  4. They called it Modio 5 because the design was so far away from what Modio 4 was supposed to look like.

  5. How do we do things like mod our avatar for Xbox? Or get gamer pictures? I miss the old Modio. ):

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