Monster Hunt Guide :*Lords Mobile*: MAX REWARDS (Older)


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  1. I heard you get better drop rates when you stack your attacks with DMG Boost x __ (the higher the better). Does dmg done inc drops?

  2. why u dont have food for UR soldiers? i mean…what happen when u r on 0? its not the food important here?

  3. When I use all of my energy on one attack for the bonus damage on a single hit, say I use a x5 damage boost without previously hitting the monster, I get 5k player experience and the heroes get the correct experience from it as well and I also get a bunch of rewards than I would normally get attacking it only once. So I'm still confused as to which method is better and worse.

  4. Is going to talk 100% about Frostwings.. 2 minutes 30 seconds in, starts talking about Frostwings

  5. I love the videos and all the help your videos have giving me. I am new to Lords Mobile I've been playing about two weeks now. The guild I belong to has not done a very good job of teaching me the game. So after I got my ass handed to me I decided to educate my self and I was lucky to found your videos. Thank you very much and best wishes.

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