Monster Madness Week: Behemoth – Glacial Bob Roll Out – Day 4 (Evolve Stage 2)

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  1. Do you have a tinfoil hat theory on the Bob adaptation? I'd like to see the Gorgon queen be the Gorgon adaptation, but we'll see…

  2. Thats cool man, i understand that. but hey bob is feelin so new and i think i hurd you say hes your fave too so i cant blame you homie.

    But my vote is on yes lol.
    for more of the series that is aha. =]

  3. ill tell u now but the glacial skin is pretty creepy just becuse u see behemots slimy body behind the ice Crystals so easy :/

  4. What time do you stream? Is there any chance I can play with you? What time do u stream in AEST? (Australian Eastern Standard Time) also do u stream on YouTube or twitch is there any chance I can play with you?

  5. I'd like to see the behemoth variation involve de-buffing the hunters rather than super DPS'ing them. That would make the variant very different to the original, but they could balance it to have a similar look and feel. What do you think killa?

  6. toonami was sick back then tho.

    Another good bob vid Killa keep it up.

    any hints on next monster for M.M Week of?

  7. It'd be cool if they made glacial behemoth an actual monster. His rock wall would be a wall of ice. His lava spit would be ice cold water that freezes up decreases the stamina of what it hits. The tongue grab could stay the same or b replaced with an ice spike that impales the player. Last but not least his fissure could form a row of ice spikes on the ground. Also keep up the good work.

  8. i could think of a funny comments hopefully ill hav a good on on day 5 of lord bobs return ( dragon dall z narrator voice) so find out next time on lord bob returns

  9. Also, killa you probably remember me from your streams but I just wanna let you know that you are my favorite evolve player/YouTuber! Keep doing what your doing?????

  10. Yea in evolve legacy they referenced gorgon so maybe there's might be s monster that could revive something or someone

  11. hey bro! do you know something Of a new monster? it's because i hear saying lazarus he was scared if a monster can revive other monsters, and i never hear that, maybe a reference Of a monster? thanks for your comment!

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