Monster Madness Week: Behemoth – No Being Sneaky – Day 2 (Evolve Stage 2)

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  1. killa i just found out a sik loadout for gorgon so what you do is you take a double sense and ferocios bloodlust and you can look not normal far and if you trick them with mimic that you was going the other way you stick at a wall and sneak attack one of them

  2. all the monsters are overpowered (; Thats the point. At the end of the day the monster only has to rely on them selves. As a hunter though, you can be the best you can possibly be, and have 1 idiot on your team not using their abilities, and it all falls apart. There is plenty of times where I have lost to terrible monsters all because of either me playing poorly or others on my team.

  3. In my opinion in evolve legacy he isnt op i was doing arena played as torvald and I literally 1v1 a behemoth with just the help of hanks shield vals healing gun and harpoons and that behemoth couldnt handle us especially me i was on him 24/7 and he couldnt do anything to us

  4. Btw, you still do your gaming with subs thing? Because I'm getting something that I "THINK" can run evolve and I'd like to play
    (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

  5. 'Is Bob OP?'

    I think he's the most matchup-dependant monster in the game. I think he absolutely wrecks certain hunters; and get destroyed by certain others. It's far more noticeable than other monsters.

    For example; if your assault is Lennox and you are against Bob; you might as well just let him kill you with his 3 AoE combo breakers and every punch giving him DR. Jack is basically useless against him since he dosen't move around much anyway. Cabot probobly does more harm than good; and Paladin Parnell and Rouge Val struggle with his AoE with their lack of AoE Heal Burst.

    Meanwhile someone like Torvald can go wild with his grenade+shotgun and rip Bob apart. EMET is pretty good at AoE healing. Bob has the biggest armor pool in the game so Kala actually does a lot of work; you can unload while her armor breaker is up; let his passive drop off; and then de-armor him again.

  6. And p.s i find my self saying "hit'em wit da acid" alot now when i play as my main monster gorgon. lol

  7. hey bro! do you think the maps are so smalls and easy to find the monster? i think is better to include biggests maps, thank you for comment!

  8. I need help with the Perks for Behemoth :O im using my Goliath setup atm. Doesnt work that well.


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