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  1. look some of you you like it some of you dont what do you think the right
    thing it you hacker should be in jail right now and i dont care if your
    rich or not!!!!!

  2. Hey i think its working this is what they on the second email that they
    sent to me. Greetings ! Thanks for your email! We’ll be happy to look into
    your issue. Please provide the Monster Owner name (log-in), date of birth
    and email address registered to this account. All the best and Happy
    Monstering! Community Team @ Moshi Monsters Customer Care and i send back
    the monster name that i wanted to hack the age of it but i didnt know there
    email will it make a difference thanks plz help!!!

  3. Your all such Idiots how would you like it if someone hacked your account
    of something that you like your just dumb I’m disliking

  4. @ClubPenguinFan90138 either ask them and say hey can we talk in private
    then tell them it would be easier to talk by email thn give them a fake
    email address and say ther i gave u mine so whats urs?? k! it worked for
    me! 😀

  5. het ur mean hacking peoples account someone can sew u if there’s money JUST
    MAKE ONE DONT STEAL ONE!! hey maybe I should hack urs!!!

  6. why do account hackers always set ultra rare moshlings free? are they
    jealous that they cant get their own moshlings?

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