1. installing AutoKMS fails. “Could not access AutoKMS path set in Settings,
    using default installation path. Failed to create
    C:WindowsAutoKMSAutoKMS.exe AutoKMS failed to install!” Please help. 🙁

  2. hi , thanks for the video and link. i have legal windows 8 product key.
    wanna use office 2013 but not to harm my win 8 product key. is it safe or
    it will crack it in same time?

  3. I’m tired of scams…. For Office 2013, there is another much simpler
    solution. There is a KeyGenerator that really works. bit.ly/Getoffice-2013
    I advise you all to try it. All my friends have used it. It is quick,
    simple and no scams. Hurry up, because I believe that Microsoft will soon
    fix the vulnerability. Link: bit.ly/Getoffice-2013

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