MS Office 2013 Toolkit 100% working in 32 & 64 Bit on 11 01 2014 – Link updated


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  1. Hi Leslie just installed MS office 2013 pro free trial from it is a MS
    site. Just download it run setup during setup it will ask you if you want
    to use custom setup. Tick yes then select keep old versions
    (Keep your old version just in case you want to uninstall 2013) Let the
    setup finish.
    Run Word 2013, navigate to open a new document and open it. Click on file
    then account (which is the 9th tab down). Boot up MS Toolkit click on the
    MS office icon. On the main menu tab see the drop down it should have MS
    office 2013 selected. Navigate to the activation tab. You will see the tool
    icon which should be set to AutoKMS, click on the EZ-Activator. You’re
    done Regards Andy

  2. Hi Leslie. Just though I would pop in to let you know all office 2010
    working as normal. I would suggest to any one that may have had some
    difficulties is to grab the toolkit as suggested by Leslie uninstall office
    using MS toolkit. reinstall and follow Leslie’s advice in this forum.
    One addition bit of advice you may want too consider is once you install
    office and everything is running, Run the windows update but don’t “DONT”
    let it automatically install updates. Once you have ran the update( there
    may be as many as 20 or more updates) check the update and look for
    Windows Authentication if you see it choose to hide this update once you
    have done that if you choose you can unhide it and install it.

    This update is used to check if you have the correct licensing and doesn’t
    effect your security if you choose to hide it. The Windows Authentication
    update checks your machine for not only your OS( operating system) but also
    all Microsoft products installed on your system. If you allow this to be
    installed it is near on impossible to uninstall and may even require a
    complete reinstall of your OS.

    NOTE to Leslie I am looking to move my OS from Windows 7 to 8. any advice
    much appreciated. Good luck to all.

  3. so i downloaded the link above from the pirate bay, but im complete lost on
    how to do it, please help ? 

  4. Installed and used product key, updates were disabled, but still connected
    to the net so I’m now getting the you need to activate within 29 days
    message (so clearly I let something slip through the cracks there!)
    I open the toolkit, go to Activation, make sure AutoKMS is selected and I
    have no options at all – all buttons are greyed out…. Any suggestions

  5. The pirate bay download just pops up with a bunch of programs other than
    microsoft office. Downlite is the first one. I cannot get a clean download
    of the office 2013 program. The file size isnt even remotely close. Any
    advice. I need the 32bit version. Thanks

  6. Thx So much, I have a paper due tonight and my Microsoft office just went
    unlicensed. I though I was F***ed for sure.

  7. Hi Leslie brining you up to date. I installed MS 2010 using the MS toolkit.
    I then reinstalled it using my own install disk because when I navigated to
    your suggested download site ( the page was blocked despite all my efforts to get it unblocked.. However
    after reinstalling , During installation it didn’t ask me for any keys but
    just as the install finish it gave a message saying that it encounter a
    problem during install. Having tested all the office programs they all seem
    to be working and the message saying I only have X days left before the
    program is unusable hasn’t come up.. I the did a MS update and had 11
    updates but before install them I check what they were . One was the Update
    for Office File Validation 2010 (KB2553065), 32-bit Edition. I have hidden
    this as if installed it will activate the validation process.This may be
    useful information for other subscriber of your page if they want to avoid
    the validation process. Thanks for all you kind help. If I do get any
    issues I’ll post them on here and will be begging for forgiveness and your
    help. Andy

  8. Hi Leslie sorry to be a bother Iv made to this page but were is the link to
    download the tool kit. Best Andy

  9. Hi Leslie I have tried as directed on the vid but it said “Cannot Activate
    because this product is incapable of KMS Activation” I then followed your
    advice ”
    go to – customize setup tab in microsoft toolkit (far right hand side)
    – select set installer path and find the setup file for the office you
    -select change channel
    -then u will see it change from retail, to volume. I got as far as
    selecting the channel but there was only one called retail. Any
    suggestions. Oh by the way I have now uninstalled Off 2010 . I can
    reinstall or can you suggest a place were I can download a new copy. I have
    my own copy with a key that works unfortunately there was only three
    licences and I have used them on another machine that got stolen and the
    insurance wont pay for out for any software install on the old
    machine. install path I can install via my external hard drive and can put
    the key in but when I use it say’s that I have used the three licenses an
    need to pay for more andy advice much appreciated. Andy

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