Mw2 mod split screen with modio Xbox 360(step by step)


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  1. sorry for the delay the mega upload download has been password protected
    its fixed now theres a new download link 🙂

  2. For you but for me its the same thing……. Ohh And i almost forgot i dont
    really want to mean sicks I Was trying to write sucks

  3. dude i will never give up im a modder for other games and this is the only
    tutorial that it doesn’t work for me :p

  4. Highlight the ID then right click it. Click copy then go to the modded
    one. Delete the ID and right click then click paste.

  5. It took along time to edit the video so if there are any questions or
    statements you want to make, please feel free to ask them by leaving them
    in a comment and please leave a nice comment. Thank You!!!

  6. Are you really to stupid to understand the most basic moding tool that has
    ever existed? I mean everybody else has gotten it and you say it doesn’t?
    Did you watch the video at all or did you just say things about it because
    it works just fine for everybody else.

  7. hi can you please tell me how to get split screen on x-box for dance
    central so i can see me and the game xxxx please replay xx

  8. Go to split-screen on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 then press X if you
    already selected the storage device then you dont need to do this. Press x
    then click on Memory Unit. Then play!

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