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  1. I have a concern I have made money enough to pay out however getting payout
    is near diffcult it seems now you have to unlock a payment form it says and
    when i unlocked it I only got a verification code no form nothing. I tried
    to email for support on this and tah dah…I it was sent back to me demon
    mailer…so if you can offer any support please do I am rather irritated as
    I spent loads of my advertising credits adverting my link and working
    toward payout

  2. I am up to .74 Bitcoins on this- Did ANYONE get paid on this? Or not??
    Please answer- Don’t want to promote this if it is a scam!

  3. SCAM…this is a scam, i have 2 btc and payout in next to impossible
    how do we request it, your support email is not existing.

  4. Scam page 😀 You can even open a new anonymous window
    – Put in the URL with your referral link, press enter
    – Close the window

    Rinse and repeat

    Earn a full BTC in less than 10min.
    No way to pay out, scam!

  5. Where does this company get the money to pay me, there was a whole lot of
    beating around the bush there, do elaborate

  6. I’m guessing you don’t really know yourself lol or you’d have just flat out
    told me (where this company gets their money from that is)

  7. I earned more than enough to get a payout. I also did everything they
    asked including downloading the ebook and no cheque request anywhere. So
    if you got paid Jessica we would all love to know where to request it.
    Please provide the link bc so far it is really disappointing. 

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